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Yet another busy week and I’ve had no access to a computer hence the lack of blogs I’ve been posting!

Earlier this week I went to my 3rd Tyga concert and my oh my, he only ever goes and gets better.

We were waiting for 6 hours in the pouring rain outside the HMV Institute in Birmingham surviving on chocolate, strawberry laces and my friend busted umbrella. Somehow we managed to keep ourselves occupied and come the final hours until doors opened, we noticed the 15 people in front of us had almost doubled. How do people think it’s acceptable to simply push in the line and not think abut the hours and hours of waiting the people there before them had put in? It was ridiculous and the atmosphere had instantly soured. Due to our sudden bad moods, our attitude had developed a single goal – keep pushing forward. We were looking for even little gaps we could put a foot in to get ahead of these damn wastes. It actually paid off too! Slowly but surely, within an hour, we had regained our rightful position, even if my eye had taken a few stabs from umbrellas…

Once inside, DJ Silk started the music and the ratchet side of me came bustin’ in the room and possessing me; good fun though! The music was was right up my street and it felt great to know that people around me knew the beats too. Literally felt I had found my ideal community, like everyone belonged there! That’s one thing I love about concerts. However, an hour and 15 minutes later, the DJ was still on and there was no sign of P Money, Fugative nor Tyga and everyone was noticeably moving less and the crowd was almost at a standstill. Then on came the ultimate ‘flow-man’ Mr P Money and everyone instantly livened up. It was like my first rave and he lived up to my standards. Brilliantly beautiful man ❤

Weirdly, Fugative never actually turned up. Me and my friend later looked at his Twitter and found that his Sat Nav had messed up? WHAT SORT OF AN EXCUSE IS THAT??Surely, being an artist and all that, you’d be ready for any hiccups and you wouldn’t leave too late out? To say he was meant to be on around 2 hours after doors opened, it just seemed stupid that he wasn’t there. Thinking about it, that’s probably why the DJ was on so long.

When Tyga came out, the crowd went wild, I literally was trapped in a sea of people encased in a bubble of B.O and the atmosphere was electiric. Strangely though, because I had seen him twice previously, I didn’t feel so awe-stricken as before and I really felt like I could enjoy his music and have a good dance around. Really loved seeing him again, bless.

One main thing that made this concert different from the others was due to how many members of the crew we had met after the show. When everything was over, we stayed behind, had a drink and then we notice that SB was still DJing up in the booth. We waved and I shouted to him to come don so we could have a photo and he came! He caaaame! When we were waiting for a photo, the damn security kept pushing us to get out even though SB was telling them to stop so we could have a photo, so annoying and so the photo ended up crap! Don’t care though, I touched him 😉

When he tried to come back again, Mally Mall came with him! Couldn’t belieeevveeee it! Long story short, he gave me his number and we were texting and then he rang me later once we were back at the hotel. So weird. ME! MEEEE! I’m not going to go into this but nothing happened, just me getting massively excited that I now have an American number on my phone and I spoke to him. Whoa. That’s enough for me! Hahahaha.

Tyga’s security are hillarious. So Ruuuuude!

Girl: Can I take a photo with you guys?!
Security: No. (giggles to self)
Girl: Please!
Security: (walks away laughing)

It’s like their little piece of entertainment! They were getting so rough when knocking people out the way; insaaaaane.

A night to remember <3<3



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