Inspirations, Aspirations and Determination.

This morning I had a brainwave.

I was in amidst my usual college morning routine when I found out it didn’t actually have to go in – peeed off. But I wasn’t planning on going to one of my lessons anyway due to it being 45 minutes and consisting of ‘A2 Bridging’. I’m supposed to be helping my Dad entertain some friends (or relatives; I don’t even know) later on today and that’s another reason why I couldn’t attend that lesson… maybe it’s a good thing college is off anyway?


I’m struggling with ideas for university again. Yes I know I’m always talking about it but it’s something that’s constantly on my mind! I know I want to write but I also love photography and and the fashion industry. The obvious choice should be fashion journalism right? Wrong. I don’t know how to write a fashion article.

I decided to start flicking through a magazine I’d picked up from Topshop the other day and reading some of the articles, seeing the layouts and correspondiong images really sparked a few ideas off and I genuinely felt that light bulb turn on. So there I was ripping out the relevent parts and articles I decided to annotate. I’ve decided to start a scrapbook – a proper one. It’ll be more like an inspiration book with articles, photographers, images and also some of my own things to help me with my writing and general development before I make this big… decision almost.

I was talking to an amazing lady the other day who is very much involved with the world of media and fashion and journalism and she said soemthing to me that really made me think:

” If you’re going to write about a particular topic; you need a passion, a drive and a thorough knowledge. Competition is fierce out there and if you don’t know your stuff and don;t know how to formulate everything into words then you won’t get anywhere. Sorry but you just won’t.”

It sounds obvious and I already knew it but hearing it from someone that has been there and is still there really made me question what I was capable of.

So here I am steering my mind down the fashion path and if I don’t succeed? Hey I’m still young and there’re plenty of other paths to skip down 😉



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