Photography Trip.

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For the second time this week I went to the Peak District on a photography mission; really quite funny considering I’ve never been there before?

The weather has been daaaaaaamn nice and in a recent revelation, I found my skin does actually burn? I got the shock of my life when I got out the shower to red raw skin! So sensitive! Using sun cream from now on, I don’t want aged, wrinkly and dry skin in ten years time thank you very much. Nor do I much like the thought of skin cancer. Makes me laugh to think that to fake a good tan may be the best way forward? Perfectly safe, doesn’t particularly harm you skin and if applied properly – emphasis on IF – it can look good and the the only long lasting damage being done is to your pocket right? 😉

It’s weird to think that for nearly three years now, I’ve been so close to one of the most beautiful places in England. It’s so peaceful and tranquil and really is thought provoking – loved it!

Admittedly I got the oil out again and slapped in on my legs before departing the house but the sun cream was on first and I did top up at lunch! The little picnic my class had bought together was so damn cute. Everyone bought along something from brownies and lemon drizzle cakes to sparkling water and potatoe salad – that potatoe salad and pasta we had was spot on – in fact, all the food was right up my street!

The ducks were adorrrrrable! There was this one family swimming up this little waterfall thing and one duckling was left behind and it was just standing around chirping for ages and its mum didn’t help! So sad, it eventually stopped crying and thought about the situation logically and went to the side and climbed; clever little thing.

Really have enjoyed myself, can’t wait to go back (:



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