Good Eeeeeeevening.

I had a really lovely 12 hour sleep last night and it’s amazing to actually feel a genuine benefit from it. My skin seems a lot fresher, I have way more energy and a positive outlook on everything!

Some drunk man started kicking the air and swearing to himself about how he’d forgotten something and all I did was smile and walk by at a normal pace. A group of men gathered round at work today several times and I just smiled and continued serving customers. Getting a bit worried really… where’s my attitude gone?

I thought I’d be mega creative and skilled at work today and so when my shift was over I made up my own ‘lemon crush’ – what a damn disappointment. I think it would have been nice if I’d had one lemon instead of two because it just completely overrides everything else. I make make a lemon and raspberry one up… maybe with some passion fruit too. Mmm.. yeah that sounds good.

I very nearly spelt raspberry as ‘rasberry’ just then – this is what lack of English lessons is doing to me. I genuinely struggle when remembering the days when I’m not in some sort of educational institution, it’s so sad!

I’ve hardly eaten today and I still feel fine; I had a slice of peanut butter and jelly on toast at about 10 this morning but nothing since, I hope I’m not coming down with something.

I’m also undecided on whether or not to have another go at dying my hair a light browny-ginger. I saw some asian girl in town today with hair the same length as mine, a little thinner and it was the perfect colour but we were too busy so I could take the time out to ask her how she got it like that. But it has now been confirmed that it is possible and it won’t mean me having to cut off all my hair in order to dye it. Yaaaaaaaaay!

I’m just cheap and don’t want to pay for the hairdressers to do it! Plus I’m a little afraid of them. They’re just way too excited when it comes to cutting hair! You say take an inch off and next thing you know you’re practically bald! Can’t be putting myself in the seat of stress again… of can I? There might be a Groupon out there with my name on it out there so I’m going to start searching and unblock it from my emails hehehe



2 thoughts on “Good Eeeeeeevening.

  1. an amusing and funny blog-post. Vis-a-vis hair etc, its best to try and find a hairdresser that knows your hair and your style best. I had a fear of going to the hairdresser and consequently ended up fashioning myself a wonky fringe. Took ages to grow out but when I went and had it done properly, it looked fine. I’m loving this blog. Keep posting. 🙂

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