What’s On Repeat.

It’s really not like me to have a song on repeat but this has been on for days. It’s such a ‘Rihanna song’ and I feel bad for Tiara Thomas (original).

It’s really sexual and such a chill out song with a really amazing vibe to it. It makes me want to just close my eyes and fall in love with the two of them.

Even the lyrics give me that little shiver of satisfaction and I’d even go as far as saying a static run of electricity works it’s way through me.

Damn. My song forreal.


Similarly, Ciara had got me going too with ‘Body Party’. Everyone’s gone so sexy lately and it just makes me wanna start swaying and miming soo bad! Love Ciara in general although her dancing can go a little OTT at times haha.

I think her hair is amazing as well and considering she’s normally straight up and down like Rihanna figure wise, the underwear these girls wear show anyone can have a good pair of boobs 😉

A few people are featured in this video also such as Future which always makes things more exciting.




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