13th June 2013.

I keep waking up a good half an hour before my alarm, it’s so annoying!

Summer is fast approaching and I’m looking forward to a long, well deserved break. However, I’m going to ask my manager today for extra hours as there’re a few things I’m saving for:

– first tattoo
– spending money for college trip (Berlin, yaaaaay)
– new shoes (really need, I’ve got no running around or work shoes)
– trip to London to see friends and family

We’re talking about £650 right there and I need more hours ASAP!

I’ve started looking at ideas for my tattoo and I’m going to merge everything into one to make it really personal as it’s not going to be a small one. I’m not going to lie, the thought of a needle piercing my skin repeatedly for hours on end isn’t very attractive but it’s something I really want done and have been thinking about it for ages! I’m willing to put a lot of money into it as I’m not stupid to fall for a bargain and then have some nasty ink on me for the rest of my life!

Today I’m going to make a surprise appearance at college. I haven’t been going much because all my exams have finished and my attendance has been good throughout the year and you only need 85% really. I’ve had about 2 weeks off now and I’m still 94% with one week left of college ;). It’s so pointless though, having to attend ‘A2 Bridging’ and the ‘Furtures Week’. They’re just seeking out reasons to keep us all on lockdown!

I’ve got these new contacts and everything looks mega different. Not even HD, more saturated and vibrant… weird.

so there’s an update on my life at the moment hahah!



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