The Wrath of Savannah.

Those few days before you start your period can be a nightmare. From raging spots and indecisiveness to generally feeling uncomfortable in your own skin and having a nasty temper. I don’t know about you but it slowly seeps in and then attacks me for a few days, then before you know it; you’re ‘on’.

Then, once it’s purpose is fulfilled, it leaves you to unwillingly having to continue with the next few days of your life like everything is ‘hunkey-dorey’ when actually you’re being the ‘fakest’ girl going. When this time comes, it’s much better for me to only interact with the outside world by phone or laptop. Don’t risk coming near me. Just don’t. I’m not even going to beat about the bush – I’m a bitch at these times and a spiteful one at that. It’s like this red demon just takes over and erases all sense of morality and places a thunderstorm of emotions over my head.

I apologise to all who may have felt my wrath.

BUT I wont apologise to those who intentionally push my buttons too hard, in the wrong order and then smirk at their doing. If you can see I’m having a bad day, a bad few days, a bad week, then just leave me alone? Why do people feel the need to continue pushing and pushing until low and behold, I fall, and when I get back up just watch your back.

I know for a fact that it’s not just me that reacts badly for one week every month so don’t single me out and think I’m making excuses for my attitude. Standard.

OH BTW happy Father’s Day!

Love you Dad ❤



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