Guys and Make-Up.

It’s a funny world we live in.

Men being ‘superior’ to women,
It’s okay for guys to sleep around,
It’s more acceptable for women to have plastic surgery,
Only women can wear make up?

Women are seemed to be the ones that attract a mate through improved looks thanks to make up, surgery, other people’s hair and many other ludicrous things. Yet men are only allowed to attract women from what they naturally look like?

So guys may go to sleep with their beautiful Kardashian but what happens when that make up comes off? YOU RUN AWAY.

Looks can be deceiving and these days, it seems that’s the case more than ever before!

But what about the guys? I know girls who are like: “it’s just wrong for guys to be going through the same make up routines as me. He’s a MAN, and a straight one at that” – which is a fair point but is the whole concept fair?

A heap load of men are leaning on a little bit of foundation or a little bit of concealer which I think is absolutely fine as long as you don’t lean towards the Essex side of things. In fact, I’m even okay with a little bit of guyliner!

If you think that these men in movies are all natural, and those interviews you see featuring male actors or artists are too; you’re wrong! Behind the scenes they’re primped, primed and powdered before they’re seen in the public eye, it’s just kept behind closed doors. For example; The Rock: Dwayne Johnson. If guys see him putting on make up… he’ll get absolutely wrecked for it but we all know it happens! Deniaaallll.

I have a feeling ‘man-make-up’ is seeping in and we’re about to witness a tidal wave of men purchasing cosmetics in the future.



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