29th June 2013.

I am in so much pain right now.

I covered two girls shifts today at work; during which I didn’t have a break, didn’t eat and didn’t have anything to drink. OH and I didn’t sit down either. It’s okay standing up all the time but when it comes to sitting down; that’s when you feel the pain. I’m almost numb from the waist down and my arms are moving as little as possible. I gained two rough patches on my thumbs from pouring drinks, I have bruised palms, I have a bruised ankle, a cut on my baby finger and did I mention I can’t feel my legs?! My face is now unwilling to smile as the fake Boost persona can no longer hold out. I want to be a miserable cow with a shed load of chocolate and Bad Girls Club on my laptop.

But no.

Bad Girls Club is deciding it want to load at a snail’s pace, play for a few seconds and then go back to buffering. There’s also no such thing as chocolate or crisps or any kind of comfort food in this house of ‘healthies’ and the smoothie I made today at work is really gross.

So I’m stuck looking at a blank screen with a gross smoothie and an orange.

I hope everyone has a nice night.



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