3rd July 2013.

Hmm… what’s happened these last few days…

Well yesterday my boyfriend got and Nintendo 3DS XL so he could play the new Animal Crossing bless him! Animal Crossing is such a detailed and addictive game and I loved the old one. However with this new one, it just seems like you have so much more control over your town and it really is yours, especially with the fact that you’re now the mayor. He said he planted a tree when he became mayor and the town had a celebration? So cute!

I’m not even going to lie, I’m so jealous! With these long arse days with nothing to do I have thought about getting another job but I’m going away for a little bit in August and so that’s instantly put me at a disadvantage. Then there’s college in September and so there’s really no point. However, when I turn 18, the option of bar work opens up and I’ll probably involve myself in some sort of seasonal work there.

I’ve got to start saving for so many things and I’m starting to worry that I’ll end up with no savings at this point.


I know I should be attempting to start writing my personal statement for my university applications but I’m so scared that I’m about to walk into a three year sentence. What if I choose the wrong area to study? What then ?! Plus there’s only a limited amount of places I can apply to and I have to apply before I even go to visit any of these places? Messed up man. So messed up.

I’m actually losing sleep over all of this!

At 17 I’m losing sleep. What am I going to be like later in life? I’m already worrying about wrinkles and I try not to crease up my face too much when I make facial expressions! The worst thing is; I know it’s stupid and way way way over the top but I do it anyway!




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