6th July 2013.

I’ve been finding it so hard to sleep recently and I’m so worried ill end up with these huge black smears under my eyes for the rest of my life. Dad is always telling me how hard it is to rid of them but sleep is just not coming to me!

I was looking on Facebook this morning and I’m sick of seeing these cheap arse looking tattoos. The cheesy quotes and actual ink that’s not even straight…why would you do it?! If you’re going to get a tattoo, engrave meaning into that image! Don’t let it mark you for nothing!

I’m loving this weather at the moment and I want to just go and lay down but there’s no where to go. Between the ages of 13 and 17 we’re all just a bit lost. Suree there’s town but that’s money every time and looking at the same stuff over and over again just gets boring. What is there for us to do? I mean really?!

I’m back on my Vampire Diaries hype also.

Still nothing compared to True Blood though 😉

Just a quick post; nothing too exciting going on!



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