Summer Sales.

My work unit is centrally based in town.

It’s in amongst all the typical high street shops such as Topshop, River Island, Superdrug etc and so when there’s a sale suddenly sprung up; we’re one of the firsts to know. I know in films everything is massively exaggerated and it looks lamost silly with girls fighting for the last dress in their size, shoes flying everywhere, boyfriends being used as personal ‘bag-carriers’ and it all seems very out of control. In reality, let me assure you, a much more modest version of all this happens and I’ve seen it for myself these last couple of weeks. I even saw a woman fall over; whether she was pushed or she slipped I’m not sure but that was in the very beginning.

I’ve tried very hard to stay away to stay out of the bustle of people and the wads of cash being showcased but these last few days have seen me become very much involved in all the commotion and even get carried away with it!

It really is exciting and should be classed as a sport. You see people eyeing each-other up and side glancing that last bag and then there’s the ‘I’m not running really… this is my fast walk’. You end up carrying your weights worth in clothes just so no one else takes them and when you start to count up the price of everything, you’re forced to start crunching numbers!

I feel sorry for those who work within retail and they see all these great sale items just disappearing before their eyes. It’s sad! The worst part is if you ask for something in your size and you see the shop assistant hesitate as to whether to give you the right information or not just because they want it for themselves. I don’t blame them though! I’d be exactly the same! Haha

I’ve spent a little bit too much these last few days but looking at my purchases I feel they are Summer essentials and so… happy days hahahah

Decided today is the last day for shopping for me… before it gets out of control and I become one of those scary shop-a-holics.

River Island has been my criptonite. Never failing to find something just for meeee 🙂




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