Heel Help.

So… I have a weird confession.

I have a habit of seeing a pair of lovely shoes with a bit of a heel on them and wanting them; possibly resulting in me buying them.

However the issue is this: “Savannah, where are you actually going to wear them to?”

I tell myself that something will come up and I’ll be thankful that I have a pair of shoes to go with that particular outfit or maybe they’re an absolute bargain, last in my size and I’d be an absolute fool to walk away from them. But when it actually comes to it, they end up sitting at the bottom of my wardrobe looking pretty and making me seem cool.

I’m not cool.

I’m pretty far away from being ‘cool’.

In fact you want to know a secret? I can hardly walk in heels. It’s so embarrassing! I see someone else in town who has fallen for the same trick where they have bought some pretty shoes but realised later that they can’t walk in them and I’m laughing at them, “haha look at how she’s walking”.

I’m so horrible.

Even if it looks like I can walk in them, the truth is that I’m concentrating so hard on making my walk look natural.

How do you do it?!

What’s the secret?!




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