Open eyes,
Ten sit ups,
Make bed,
Wash hair,
Drink water,
Pour green tea,
Sit down with cereal…

… That’s been my morning so far!

Normally I’m a bit of a caffeine head and love waking up and having a coffee in the morning. However I’m trying green tea as I know the benefits and… I wasn’t really feeling coffee this morning.

I’ve had a revelation these past few days.


It really helps everything stay in place and it feels so nice when it goes on!

I finished doing my make up the other day and as I was walking down the street I double checked everything in the natural light.

Tell me why the concealer was flakey and crusty?

I was so embarrassed! Just rubbed it all off and was pissed at the fact I just wasted ten minutes of my life putting it on in the first place.

Then the other night I went out for a friend’s birthday meal and I wore a little more make up for the occasion; one product being foundation.

Half way through the evening I went to the bathroom and checked my face; no crust, no splodges or anything!

I tried it again when I went to work yesterday. Primed around my eyes and cheekbones (for the bronzer to stay put) and by the end of my shift everything was still good!

I’ve been using this witch hazel primer ‘anti-blemish’ from Superdrug which I got a while back and it was only around £4 !

20130725-113312 AM.jpg

The Urban Decay primer is also pretty good and it looks pretty (:

20130725-113345 AM.jpg

I recommend wearing primers!



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