5th August 2013.

I’ve decided I really love face masks.

Whether it’s the peel one or the wash or clay/mud masks, I love how refreshed I feel after and the feeling as though I have done my skin a great big favour.

Me and my boyfriend did some the other day and it was his first peel and I think he secretly loved it. Although results weren’t instantly shown, (it doesn’t exactly peel your spots off), I can see a difference and when it comes to clearing up those stray blackheads; facemasks really do do the trick.

I’ve been looking into the best products to help even out skin tone and whether a BB cream is for me or not. I’m not one to wear foundation daily or even powder for that matter. My daily make up includes: mascara, eyebrow pencil and concealer for under my eyes and neatening up eyebrows. Occasionally I’ll add a couple of flicks to my eyes and maybe a dusting of bronzer but not anything to completely smother my face.

Anti-shine papers are my babes.

Why risk uneven powder blotches when a piece of paper can do the same job?

that’s what /i keep telling myself but then again BB creams have SPF in them and the reviews I’ve read on Garnier and Maybelline say it’s just like putting on a moisturiser and they’re extremely lightweight. However I’m still hesitant.

I have the same feelings about university.

Shall I or shan’t I?

I don;t want to go delving into something which requires a huge commitment when I’m not 100% sure on the course, my capabilities, the location, the fees and the university itself.

I haven’t had time or money to go looking around and I’m hoping September will be my saviour.

I guess I’ll have to start researching once more?

10 days until results day.



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