12th August 2013.

Today was the day I got back into routine. I’ve been putting it off for a while because money was tight and due to the new job, dad told me to take responsibility and…

…pay for my own gym membership.

Admittedly it pretty much killed me but I just told myself not to eat so much crap and watch what I ate. It worked for a while but then I fell into bad habits and going out for meals and saying no to sweet treats was just not happening.

I weighed myself today and I was just over 60 kilos which is still good for my height but when I was previously at the gym, I was a slim 55 kilos.

Dear lord; I’d like my figure back please.

Walking in, around and out of gym today felt so damn good. Almost liberating and I feel uplifted just to know I’m getting back into routine, habit and shape.

I have the tendency to mentally cheat when exercising. This is where I’ll set a goal for myself (say 10 minutes at a certain level on the treadmill) and I’ll end up doing just under that desired time but tell myself it’s okay! Your metabolism is still burning! True. But you still could have burnt more. All those half minutes add up and they could have been calories burnt.

When training, the only person you can cheat is yourself.

I’m trying to stop it and really put effort in to see results quicker; let’s see how this goes !



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