London Fashion Week

My first experience of London fashion week exceeded anything I had ever expected.

I loved every single moment of it.

I was initially going down, last minute, as a volunteer for Fashion’s Finest during their street walk and to attend catwalks on their behalf. What actually happened was that I became a replacement model on the Friday and I ran around like a lunatic on the other days!

I travelled down to London last Thursday night by coach, after college and my nerves were shot! I was so jittery in the days leading up to when I’d be going down and to be quite honest, I was probably more anxious about what I was to wear! I wanted to look good of course as it is fashion week but at the same time I knew I’d be constantly on my feet and a lot of travelling would be involved.

Day one.

It’s 4:45 and my alarm goes off, I’m running on 4 hours sleep but adrenaline is keeping me awake.
I’m wearing black jeans, a black, backless bodysuit, leather jacket and black and gold boots. This is all paired with a fishtail and minimal make up but with a flick of khol ‘liner.

Pretty good non?

I then arrive at London Charing Cross 40 minutes early and so I sit in Starbucks and give myself time to wake up properly to a nice white Americano. Starbuck’s is the best place for Americanos in my opinion. The cups are much nicer and I feel like I get more for my money. Plus there’s the added bonus that it obviously tastes better than normal coffee.

Google maps is telling me that it’s a 10 minute walk to the KMS Salon from my current location and so I leave 20 minutes in advance. However this is where the stress starts to leak in.

I’m meant to be just off Covent Garden and I end up at Embankment; wandering around hopelessly lost in that really annoying English drizzle that just makes your hair deplete and dampens your mood a great deal. I’m also starting to get a sweat on which is not pleasant in the slightest.

It’s now 7:30 and I’m supposed to be there by now for the briefing and well you know: mingling. Yet I’m still traipsing around and I’m wandering if it’s sweat or rain build up on my face and I’m becoming increasingly paranoid that I’m turning pinker and pinker with every step…

Finally Google maps actually recognises my location and it estimates that I’m 7 minutes away from where I need to be and soon enough, I see someone else almost running for the same entrance as me and she looks as perplexed as me! Relief.

I arrive and thankfully everyone is really cool and they pity me which for once I accept rather than reject and I’m starting to feel less nervous! As I’m given tasks to start steaming outfits and unwrap shoes, the designer, ‘Matthew O’Brien’, arrives and we find ourselves to be a few models short. Before you know it, I’m being pulled here and there, trying on clothes, having my hair and make up done and it didn’t really hit me until I was told to start walking in sync with the other girls, down the wet, cobbled roads of London in 5 inch heels!

I was just like… what just happened? Ahahaa

It really was a good experience though and I felt like such a superstar! Having random people off the streets whip out their phones and cameras when they saw us was amazing! We were even thrown out of both Covent Gardens and Somerset House for causing such a commotion! It was so cool and I felt a million dollars. Obviously I was the shortest one there but it didn’t bother me until I saw the photos hahahaha I look tiny!

The other models were beautiful and I felt I was just surrounded by beautiful creatures ❤

For the rest of the weekend I was rushing around on tubes, trains and buses getting to various locations to watch and report on Spring/Summer trends to come. I felt like I was being allowed a sneak peak into my dream future career. Such a good experience.

Saturday morning I had done 3 shows by 1 O'clock and I was talking to another girl in the line who said it was her 8th show that day and I was just so shocked! And there I was complaining about 3?? I'm such an amateur at this fashion game! The worst thing was, she looked gorgeous and not flustered at all!

All in all I had a great weekend and I can't wait to go back in February!

Did I mention that I saw Anna Wintour? 😉



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