23rd July 2013.

It’s kind of funny being woken up by all this doom and gloom crap when almost every morning, for the past two weeks, I’ve been disturbed from my slumber by the glorious rays of the fireball in the sky. I … Continue reading

Womenkind – A Fourth World?

I had a sneak peak into what my A2 Sociology course consists of this morning and we were talking about the differences in 1st, 2nd and 3rd world countries but then the idea of a 4th world bcame apparent. This … Continue reading

St George’s Day.

Happy St George’s Day everyone! I hope you all had that wonderful feast we’re all supposed to have but I just wanted to write about how how ‘english’ and ‘proud to be english’ everyone seems to be today. In contrary … Continue reading

John Howard Griffin.

In sociology we are looking at research methods and how to gain access to closed groups (those who don’t wish to be studied) such as the police, criminal gangs and transnational corporations. We came across a guy names¬†John Howard Griffin … Continue reading

The Iron Lady.

  Okay so most of us are aware of the recent death of the one and only: Margaret Thatcher. She’s an iconic¬†figure in British history and one of which that opinions of her have somewhat of a ‘marmite’ effect. The … Continue reading