23rd July 2013.

It’s kind of funny being woken up by all this doom and gloom crap when almost every morning, for the past two weeks, I’ve been disturbed from my slumber by the glorious rays of the fireball in the sky. I … Continue reading


I really love social networking sites. From Twitter and Tumblr to Facebook and Instagram; I’m pretty sure I have an account on absolutely everything going. I even remember back in the day when Bebo was around! It was so exciting! … Continue reading

13th June 2013.

I keep waking up a good half an hour before my alarm, it’s so annoying! Summer is fast approaching and I’m looking forward to a long, well deserved break. However, I’m going to ask my manager today for extra hours … Continue reading

Womenkind – A Fourth World?

I had a sneak peak into what my A2 Sociology course consists of this morning and we were talking about the differences in 1st, 2nd and 3rd world countries but then the idea of a 4th world bcame apparent. This … Continue reading

Sheffield’s Botanical Garden.

As I mentioned yesterday, me and my Dad had the job of entertaining some people over from Hong Kong yesterday. I looked up places of interest in Derbyshire and I came accross Sheffield’s Botanical Garden. On the way over there … Continue reading

12th April 2013.

Went to the opticians this morning and I remember telling myself on the way there that my eyesight was not going to get worse. I would squint until I made the letters clear and try to remember the order of everything.

I failed and my eyes have gotten worse. Well, one eye has! I feel this is karma for laughing at my dads stigmatism 😦 .

It’s funny how a hair cut can change everything about a persons face and a little, maybe, their personality? A fresh new trim and the ability to see out of long overgrown fringe gives someone more reason to strut their stuff down the street, no? It’s even funnier when they don’t realise they’re doing it and you catch them! Shouldn’t make fun of the really though, feeding their ego might actually encourage them to get a hair cut more often…

Finally got my eyebrows sorted today, looking MINT.


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