29th June 2013.

I am in so much pain right now. I covered two girls shifts today at work; during which I didn’t have a break, didn’t eat and didn’t have anything to drink. OH and I didn’t sit down either. It’s okay … Continue reading

Photography Trip.

For the second time this week I went to the Peak District on a photography mission; really quite funny considering I’ve never been there before? The weather has been daaaaaaamn nice and in a recent revelation, I found my skin … Continue reading

28th March 2013

I’m going to apologise for not being very active yesterday, coursework deadlines have arrived and admittedly I may have fallen behind a little. A-Levels are all easy going until the second you start to go lenient on yourself – trust me. Now I’ve got to put loads of hard work in throughout Easter. *sigh*.

Anyway yesterday evening I took a break and went cinema with my boyfriend to watch G.I.Joe and oh my goodness was it worth going. It’s amazing! Action packed the whole way through with plenty of muscle and skin on show ;). Through the entire 1 hour and 50 minutes my eyes were glued, simply amazing. Just what I needed! Quality time to catch up with my boyfriend and some good entertainment with minimal effort ;).

After the film, we took a trip down to subway and got a footlong ( to split ) and 12 cookies and a hot chocolate for ¬£7 ūüėĪ so goooood. Got back and munched out while doing coursework until bloody 2 in the morning! Dedication right there. Actually it was probably more guilt…

I’m pretty annoyed at this moment. My cereal ran out yesterday but there was two yogurts left so I was like okay ill have them for breakfast this morning. But no. Someone ate them. I’m
Not eating left over cookies and coffee. Belly my feeling too good…


20130328-083011 AM.jpg

Cadburys Highlights.


Normally I buy the little sachets of options hot chocolate and they’re really good! But I decided to try something different for a change and four for ¬£1 is the same price I usually pay so why not ?

Night one: I dipped my hand into my little treat box and the first one I pulled out was the fudge (yay). Compared to the ‘options’ sachets, these contain a lot more powder and so I was expecting it to be quite thick but unfortunately not – or maybe I added too much water? I was also dissapointed about the lack of ‘fudgeness’ involved. It tasted like a ormal hot chocolate with a very slight after taste of fudge. But barely. I was so dissapointed. Luckily the season finale of Pretty Little Liars made up for it! So much love for Toby ‚̧

Night two: Bourneville! So gooood. Not bitter and a really nice smoothness to it. I’ve never really been a fan of dark chocolate but I’m getting used to it. Wish the calorie content was less so I could eat more… But then I say that to pretty much everything…

Night Three: Tonight I haven’t done so much as a lucky dip, I really did fancy caramel and the aroma was heavenly. As soon as you open the packet poof! But again the consistency was weak and much like water. I prefer thick chocolate. Maybe I should put two sachets per cup…

Night Four: The original milk chocolate! Pretty standard but yet again not satisfying enough. I’m really disappointed with these hot chocolates, think ill stick with Options in the future. I recommend you do too, there’s also more of a choice so that’s always a bonus!


Tarn Thai.

Nottingham has a wide variety of restaurants and a few Thai ones too, however; none like Tarn Thai. Located in the middle of Hockley’s lively atmosphere, this restaurant is one of it’s prize possessions.

Tarn Thai declared itself open during the heatwave of 2006 and ever since, there has always been an easy flow of customers, ranging from romantic dinner dates to business clients. The exterior design refelects a very modern, sturdy building and if you take a sneaky peek through the windows, you can see one of the water features with the live fish swimming happily in their perfect haven Рa very nice touch of elegence in my opinion.

The internal decor is simply beautiful. Dripping¬†with¬†expensive furnishings, the whiff of quality food and the musty scent of insense¬†burning, transports you¬†to the peaceful nature of Thailand itself. As you¬†relax back in the unusually comfortable chairs, you can’t help but admire the atmosphere and the amount of organisation that must have gone into such designings.

The waiters attend to your every needs with a smile and a soft glow to their eyes, you know they’re genuinely happy to serve you. It’s a pretty swift service yet not rushed. I felt I could take my time and there was no one breathing down my back just waiting to give my seat to another customer. Yes they were nearby and always on hand but isn’t that what we call good service?

The kitchen shows a practised hand in dishes such as marinated beef or grilled sea bream in banana leaves. The prices are very reasonable and the lunch menu inparticular is value for money at it’s best. The way they lay out their food really is an ‘instagram moment’. The rice is moulded into a heart shape and the salad garnishings on the side are prettily carved into flowers and cut very decoratively. It’s a lovely sight and an absolute delight to eat.

I love it here and I think many others will too, I sincerely encourage you to come and experience the Tarn Thai ambiance!

Everyday from 12:00 – 17:00
(Last order at 16:30)

For £8.50 they serve you with a Two Course meal plus Tea or Coffee.


You can go express for £5.95 which is  one main dish.

ALl meals come with Steamed Jasmine Rice or Egg Fried Rice

Sunday – Thursday from 18:00 – 23:00
(Last order at 22:30)

Friday & Saturday from 18:00 – 23:30
(Last order at 23:00)

Address: 9 George Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG1 3BH

Telephone: 0115 959 9454