Personally, I’m more of a vibrant, statement, matte lipstick kind of girl. Lipgloss has always just gotten in the way for me? The moment the wind blows, any loose strand of hair is almost magnetised straight for your lips and … Continue reading

On My Shower Shelf…

I was in the shower earlier and I realised that I have bought quite a few new beauty buys recently and I thought I’d just give you all the low down on how they’re all treating me! First off, don’t … Continue reading

The Fast and The Furious.

I’ve had such a lovely day today just mulling around; reading, watching tv, getting on my boyyfriend’s nerves and I’ve genuinely enjoyed it! It’s not often there’s absolutely nothing that has to be done to a deadline and trust me: … Continue reading

Hotel California.

So this album has been out for a while now and I’m quite a big Tyga fan. Although for the most part, the beats are better than the lyrics, I find his flow and the sound of his voice just … Continue reading

Up in Flames. Literally. This video following up Nicki’s High School ft Lil Wayne has come as a massive shock and equally, a dissapointment. The video looks cheap and very quickly made, as though, because of popular demand, she rushed it through and diregarded … Continue reading

Cadburys Highlights.


Normally I buy the little sachets of options hot chocolate and they’re really good! But I decided to try something different for a change and four for £1 is the same price I usually pay so why not ?

Night one: I dipped my hand into my little treat box and the first one I pulled out was the fudge (yay). Compared to the ‘options’ sachets, these contain a lot more powder and so I was expecting it to be quite thick but unfortunately not – or maybe I added too much water? I was also dissapointed about the lack of ‘fudgeness’ involved. It tasted like a ormal hot chocolate with a very slight after taste of fudge. But barely. I was so dissapointed. Luckily the season finale of Pretty Little Liars made up for it! So much love for Toby ❤

Night two: Bourneville! So gooood. Not bitter and a really nice smoothness to it. I’ve never really been a fan of dark chocolate but I’m getting used to it. Wish the calorie content was less so I could eat more… But then I say that to pretty much everything…

Night Three: Tonight I haven’t done so much as a lucky dip, I really did fancy caramel and the aroma was heavenly. As soon as you open the packet poof! But again the consistency was weak and much like water. I prefer thick chocolate. Maybe I should put two sachets per cup…

Night Four: The original milk chocolate! Pretty standard but yet again not satisfying enough. I’m really disappointed with these hot chocolates, think ill stick with Options in the future. I recommend you do too, there’s also more of a choice so that’s always a bonus!