Greenwich Market.

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When I went back to London for a bit, my friend came with me and I took her to Greenwich market. I love the atmosphere and vibe from this particular market. The bustle, the many little trinkets you don’t find … Continue reading

13th June 2013.

I keep waking up a good half an hour before my alarm, it’s so annoying! Summer is fast approaching and I’m looking forward to a long, well deserved break. However, I’m going to ask my manager today for extra hours … Continue reading

Photography Trip.

For the second time this week I went to the Peak District on a photography mission; really quite funny considering I’ve never been there before? The weather has been daaaaaaamn nice and in a recent revelation, I found my skin … Continue reading

Sheffield’s Botanical Garden.

As I mentioned yesterday, me and my Dad had the job of entertaining some people over from Hong Kong yesterday. I looked up places of interest in Derbyshire and I came accross Sheffield’s Botanical Garden. On the way over there … Continue reading

Southwell Minster.

Just thought I’d upload some photos I took a couple weeks back. I met my Dad in Southwell and at the time I was taking photos of the little village shops. They’re all very cute and old fashioned and suited the photographer I was looking at at the time: Ed Ruscha. He drove down Sunset Boulevard and took photos of every  little shop with a camera mounted on top of his truck. So cool. I did those images on black and white film and I haven’t scanned them in yet. However within the same day, I went around the local minster and tried to capture the essence of natural light and the different atmospheres it can create. The quality of light.

These are my favourites:

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2nd April 2013.

Ahh finally I’m safe, comfortable and fully relaxed.

I’m home.

I arrived back in Battle at 2’o’clock this afternoon and it has been one long and tiresome day. I had a restless night’s sleep and then I woke up to my alarm at 7 and started to get ready for my train. I managed to squeeze everything into my suitcase and get ready in record time and even considering my early awakening, I was feeling pretty darn good for 8 in the morning!

I dragged my suitcase and other bag to the station, collected my tickets, a boarded the train and nervously awaited the ticket person to come and assure me that I was safe to ride the train the St. Pancrass. Okay, I admit it, I bought a child ticket. Don’t think I’ve actually ever bought the right adult one but in my opinion: I’m still a child ^_^. Anyway, hey ho, I got away with it (I sneakily caught a  glimpse of the ticket lady,  as I pretended to be asleep, through my curtain of hair, take a look at my ticket, me and then quickly move on).

The 5 hour train journey was long, exhausting and downright … boring. It was full of delays, four different trains, hunger and took about an hour longer than what it should have. Urgh. The morning feeling of optimism had drizzled out and no drop of enthusiasm remained. The only thing that kept me going were the cute texts from my sisters and my Nan ringing me reassuring me that she was going to be there to pick me up (yay! A car!).

We all stopped off for a coffee and to pick up my Aunt from work and we had a lovely little stroll through the town/village (not quite sure what you’d class Battle, Sussex as). Then we got in, had dinner, and made some chocolate lollies while my Nan and Grandad were at work. Perfect. Apart form the fact they were disgusting.



Witch Child.

Earlier today I was watching a documentary by Channel4 called ‘Witch Child’. I don’t think I’ve ever been this shocked and disgusted before. It was a horrendous tale of the Congolese people torturing children sue to their belief in witchcraft and they thought that performing exorcisms on them would bring the ‘kindoki’ out of them.

A man name Richard was the protagonist involved and he led his audience through the events of what is taking place over in some places of Africa. He has been visiting Conga back and forth for over 20 years and he said “every time I come back, it just gets more and more run down. The more I see it turn, the more churches that pop up.” Richard gives the view that Christianity has been warped by some of these preachers whom portray themselves as ‘god-like’ to the followers of the church and they abuse this power over its people.

Religion has been a major influence to many lives in the world and has been for thousands of years but modifications have been made and some come across as a sick money-making scam for those who don’t know better but to believe in such nonsense. I understand that Conga has believed (as have many other countries) in witchcraft for many years and yes they have performed some sort of ritual to banish the kindoki out of people for it was said to be ‘troubling’ them. However, it would simply be a paste made of traditional remedies and natural plants that they would add to their diets for a few weeks and they then believed to be rid of the kindoki. Never would they have suggested of putting salt and antiseptics into children’s eyes, cutting into their stomachs and grabbing out any morsels of food. Nor would they have suggested stamping on children’s stomach’s, fasting them for weeks and simply torturing these children.

Furthermore, these beliefs in the kindoki have spread much further than the lines of Africa, they have breached the UK and believers live amongst us – even though some deny it. One little boy in the documentary was told by his Mother that he was going to Switzerland to study. You’ve guessed it. He was sent straight to the capital of Congo to live with his Uncle and seemingly punished and tortured for no good reason other than they thought he was possessed by this kindoki. It’s revolting. Simply vile how beliefs such as Christianity can spiral so much out of control by evil, greedy people out there. They even have camps for goodness sake where they fast the children together and they all undergo the rituals. Almost like a concentration camp if you ask me.

How can this be happening in the 21st Century?

I got so angry and upset while watching this documentary  as I for one thought we were past the stage of having to make up lies for illnesses and misbehaviour? Families are throwing their children out onto the streets just to make room in their homes and because the pastor accused them of ‘having witchcraft’. Where’s the sense of morality?

I felt the need to share this with you, let me know what you think.


Hong Kong.

Monkey Mountain

rgest Buddha in the Worrrld !

A Symphony of Lights

A Symphony of Lights

So Pretty

Over the AirportDamn. I need a holiday.

I’m sick of being pale, looking malnourished and simply: unhealthy.

I went to Hong Hong early last year and I genuinely had the time of my life! It was the first time visiting my mother land and I can’t wait to return. The food was magical, the atmosphere was claustrophobic with excitement (and literally..claustrophobic) and as soon as they opened those plane doors I welcomed the muggy, moist air and made way for my two week break. It really was a magical moment…

My Dad’s going again at the end of this year I think, after visiting Barcelona (stag night), Japan and Thailand the lucky bugger. Work hard and you can go places.. MOTIVATION hahah.

My friend is currently In Portugal, after returning from Belgium a few days earlier and then to venture in Morocco a week after Portugal! Lucky for some ey! ;D