Good Morning Kids!

Magic Hour:

I’ve been meaning to head to Mac Ritchie Reservoir for a while now, the last time I can remember being there was when I was a small child. Most days when I take the bus home from the city, I pass by Mac Ritchie but it’s never the right time and was always way too sunny (and hot) for my liking. On Thursday night I decided that the following morning was when I was going to head out before the sun rises with camera in hand. Mel decided to join me on my early morning adventure which was super nice. So this is what I shot.

 photo DSC_7686copy_zpscc6e988a.jpg

 photo DSC_7691_zpsb198469b.jpg

 photo DSC_7692copy_zpsc653ef3d.jpg

 photo DSC_7695_zpsf67b5c7a.jpg

 photo DSC_7699_zps6a9de473.jpg

 photo DSC_7702_zps96cd1825.jpg

 photo DSC_7706_zps3bf680ab.jpg

 photo DSC_7707_zpse1fc96f5.jpg

 photo DSC_7708_zps8f251a2c.jpg

 photo DSC_7712_zpseacb8a98.jpg

 photo DSC_7716_zps035df84a.jpg

 photo DSC_7718_zpsa605db50.jpg

 photo DSC_7720_zps1d48ef52.jpg

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