5th August 2013.

I’ve decided I really love face masks. Whether it’s the peel one or the wash or clay/mud masks, I love how refreshed I feel after and the feeling as though I have done my skin a great big favour. Me … Continue reading

Summer Sales.

My work unit is centrally based in town. It’s in amongst all the typical high street shops such as Topshop, River Island, Superdrug etc and so when there’s a sale suddenly sprung up; we’re one of the firsts to know. … Continue reading

The Fast and The Furious.

I’ve had such a lovely day today just mulling around; reading, watching tv, getting on my boyyfriend’s nerves and I’ve genuinely enjoyed it! It’s not often there’s absolutely nothing that has to be done to a deadline and trust me: … Continue reading

The Moscow State Circus: Part 2

So here’re the final editions to this set of images. I really do like these, especially the images of the tents at the end. Still got this horried headache and aches in general. Gonna gulp down a few paracetamols though, … Continue reading

28th March 2013

I’m going to apologise for not being very active yesterday, coursework deadlines have arrived and admittedly I may have fallen behind a little. A-Levels are all easy going until the second you start to go lenient on yourself – trust me. Now I’ve got to put loads of hard work in throughout Easter. *sigh*.

Anyway yesterday evening I took a break and went cinema with my boyfriend to watch G.I.Joe and oh my goodness was it worth going. It’s amazing! Action packed the whole way through with plenty of muscle and skin on show ;). Through the entire 1 hour and 50 minutes my eyes were glued, simply amazing. Just what I needed! Quality time to catch up with my boyfriend and some good entertainment with minimal effort ;).

After the film, we took a trip down to subway and got a footlong ( to split ) and 12 cookies and a hot chocolate for £7 😱 so goooood. Got back and munched out while doing coursework until bloody 2 in the morning! Dedication right there. Actually it was probably more guilt…

I’m pretty annoyed at this moment. My cereal ran out yesterday but there was two yogurts left so I was like okay ill have them for breakfast this morning. But no. Someone ate them. I’m
Not eating left over cookies and coffee. Belly my feeling too good…


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