Witch Child.

Earlier today I was watching a documentary by Channel4 called ‘Witch Child’. I don’t think I’ve ever been this shocked and disgusted before. It was a horrendous tale of the Congolese people torturing children sue to their belief in witchcraft and they thought that performing exorcisms on them would bring the ‘kindoki’ out of them.

A man name Richard was the protagonist involved and he led his audience through the events of what is taking place over in some places of Africa. He has been visiting Conga back and forth for over 20 years and he said “every time I come back, it just gets more and more run down. The more I see it turn, the more churches that pop up.” Richard gives the view that Christianity has been warped by some of these preachers whom portray themselves as ‘god-like’ to the followers of the church and they abuse this power over its people.

Religion has been a major influence to many lives in the world and has been for thousands of years but modifications have been made and some come¬†across as a sick money-making scam for those who don’t know better but to believe in such nonsense. I understand that Conga has believed (as have many other countries) in witchcraft for many years and yes they have performed some sort of ritual to banish the kindoki out of people for it was said to be ‘troubling’ them. However, it would simply be a paste made of traditional remedies and natural plants that they would add to their diets for a few weeks and they then believed to be rid of the kindoki. Never would they have suggested of putting salt and antiseptics into children’s eyes, cutting into their stomachs and grabbing out any morsels of food. Nor would they have suggested stamping on children’s stomach’s, fasting them for weeks and simply torturing these children.

Furthermore, these beliefs in the kindoki have spread much further than the lines of Africa, they have breached the UK and believers live amongst us – even though some deny it. One little boy in the documentary was told by his Mother that he was going to Switzerland to study. You’ve guessed it. He was sent straight to the capital of Congo to live with his Uncle and seemingly punished and tortured for no good reason other than they thought he was possessed by this kindoki. It’s revolting. Simply vile how beliefs such as Christianity can spiral so much out of control by evil, greedy people out there. They even have camps for goodness sake where they fast the children together and they all undergo the rituals. Almost like a concentration camp if you ask me.

How can this be happening in the 21st Century?

I got so angry and upset while watching this documentary¬† as I for one thought we were past the stage of having to make up lies for illnesses and misbehaviour? Families are throwing their children out onto the streets just to make room in their homes and because the pastor accused them of ‘having witchcraft’. Where’s the sense of morality?

I felt the need to share this with you, let me know what you think.



St Patricks Day.

I don’t know about any of you out there but I for one knew of St Patricks Day but never actually knew the reasoning behind it and so I did a little research.

The whole idea for March 17th was to commemorate St Patrick as he entered heaven and also the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. There’s supposed to be a great big feast but due to this year it being on a Sunday, you could have the feast on another day.

The green themes of everything I think originates from the shamrock? Originally St Patrick was associated with blue but it was said he explained the trinity of Christianity with a shamrock and so it stuck.

Now you know the reasoning behind it all, go back to enjoying carnivals, beer and anything else you were doing!

Happy St Paddys Day everyone ;D


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