So I woke up this morning and I thought I’d be really good and go to the gym, I mean I woke up early anyway and my boyfriend had work so there’s not much else to do right?

I was so shocked how busy it was! It wasn’t even just self conscious, determined women but there were men pumping iron too! I decided to lay off the weights (a bit too early!) and just do an hour of pure cardio and despite the sheer pain I felt renewed!

So you know, working out and sculpting your body comes at a price: sweat, pain, dodgy walking etc and as soon as I jumped of the bike I realise my leggings felt a bit damp. I checked my bum and oh my life my whole arse was a darker patch than the other parts of the leggings! I ran to the mats and tried to air myself off a bit…

Both a wardrobe malfunction and embarrassing moment. Wonder if the actual gym leggings would help? Might look further into it do avoid any future embarrassment!


20130316-030844 PM.jpg