5th August 2013.

I’ve decided I really love face masks. Whether it’s the peel one or the wash or clay/mud masks, I love how refreshed I feel after and the feeling as though I have done my skin a great big favour. Me … Continue reading

23rd July 2013.

It’s kind of funny being woken up by all this doom and gloom crap when almost every morning, for the past two weeks, I’ve been disturbed from my slumber by the glorious rays of the fireball in the sky. I … Continue reading

Summer Sales.

My work unit is centrally based in town. It’s in amongst all the typical high street shops such as Topshop, River Island, Superdrug etc and so when there’s a sale suddenly sprung up; we’re one of the firsts to know. … Continue reading

3rd July 2013.

Hmm… what’s happened these last few days… Well yesterday my boyfriend got and Nintendo 3DS XL so he could play the new Animal Crossing bless him! Animal Crossing is such a detailed and addictive game and I loved the old … Continue reading

13th June 2013.

I keep waking up a good half an hour before my alarm, it’s so annoying! Summer is fast approaching and I’m looking forward to a long, well deserved break. However, I’m going to ask my manager today for extra hours … Continue reading

Money Money Money


I think I can speak on behalf of everyone living out there: at some point, money has or will be a problem. Whether you’re not financially stable enough to provide for yourself and others or the complete opposite and it can often create uncomfortable scenarios. These cases of not it is and always will be an issue.

At the moment I’m a student surviving off my father and I’m not the sort of person who agrees with taking advantage of their parents and I do take into consideration the amount of hours he works for his money and so I don’t ever ask for anything more than I need. However sometimes it’s nice to indulge a little, to be treated, to have that £5 ready meal instead of the £2! But it’s just not fair on him. I’ve learned to live without many many luxuries and to be grateful for what I have. I’m not selfish, I’m not naive and I know how to survive on my own two feet; but I still can’t help but feel guilty.

I know there are people out there who feel they ‘deserve’ the finer things in live and they’re all cosy with their money stacking up and they come from a money tree of a family and I just feel that they should take a step back and really appreciate what they have. Actually think about the things they ‘need’ and separate them from the ‘wants’.

Money is a huge motivator in life for me. It affects practically every decision I make and choices I make for the future. I just don’t want to be scrimping and saving my whole life. I want to be proud of what I’ve achieved and have something to show for it. Plus I’ve promised my Dad a nifty two-seater sports car… oh and a room in my huge house so he won’t have to go to an old people’s home heheh ;).

Not quite sure what the point is that I’m trying to make here but I just felt the need to write about something that’s troubling me.


Red Nose Day.


So, most people are being rammed with buckets, followed on the streets, being shouted at and constantly being reminded that yes; red nose day has arrived.

I remmeber back in the day when I was so excited about buying the red nose that never fitted, getting those immensely cool stckers and sitting down with friends and family at seven o clock in the evening, BBC1 and watching the show commense. I even remember once growing a little tree (which shortly died) with a red nose day sticker on it, to which I loved doing I’m not even going to lie…

However, now I look upon this event with a slight pessimistic view. We raise millions and millions every year and yet we are still pressured into donating more and more and feeling higely selfish the moment we refuse to empty out a few coins and notes. But where does it go? I mean really go. We’re told that £3 can buy a mosqito net for those in need and £1 can buy a good meal (not exactly but you get the jist) but really? Around £5,000,000 yearly?

I for one don’t actually believe that we are completely sure where the money goes. Does all of it go to where we think? Or is some of it kept back for those greedy people who sit on top of us all?

It’s really upsetting and I can’t let this issue lye dow3n without expressing a couple of my opinions. I’ve never actually seen a sheet showing how the money has been spent and to be honest even if I was shown one I doubt I’d fully believe it anyway. Not helpful I know…

Who even deals with this enormous sum of money?