Greenwich Market.

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When I went back to London for a bit, my friend came with me and I took her to Greenwich market. I love the atmosphere and vibe from this particular market. The bustle, the many little trinkets you don’t find … Continue reading


I really love social networking sites. From Twitter and Tumblr to Facebook and Instagram; I’m pretty sure I have an account on absolutely everything going. I even remember back in the day when Bebo was around! It was so exciting! … Continue reading

Photography Trip.

For the second time this week I went to the Peak District on a photography mission; really quite funny considering I’ve never been there before? The weather has been daaaaaaamn nice and in a recent revelation, I found my skin … Continue reading

On My Shower Shelf…

I was in the shower earlier and I realised that I have bought quite a few new beauty buys recently and I thought I’d just give you all the low down on how they’re all treating me! First off, don’t … Continue reading

The Fast and The Furious.

I’ve had such a lovely day today just mulling around; reading, watching tv, getting on my boyyfriend’s nerves and I’ve genuinely enjoyed it! It’s not often there’s absolutely nothing that has to be done to a deadline and trust me: … Continue reading

L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil.

I love freebies and the whole idea of ‘try before you buy’. I’m completely for it, it’s brilliant!

So I was on one of my beloved freebie sites and I came accross the Loreal Extraordinary Oil free sample and I instantly clicked and ordered. Now my hair is long, quite thick and takes a lot of looking after. This was my decision to grow it long and yes I’ve had experience with short hair: bad experiences. Very bad.

I’ve noticed that when writing, I end up going on very large tangents so that’s something I will have to stop. Apologies. Shit there I go again.

ANYWAY. The directions say to add a few drops before shampooing. HOLD UP. Isn’t it normally before conditioning AFTER shampooing? Maybe it’s foreign thought I but NO I’d do what it says and so I added ‘a few drops’ (which is hard to measure since it’s in a packet…) to dry unwashed hair and then tied up my hair as it says to leave on for 5-10 minutes.

I’m not going to lie, I’m glad I did what it said because not only did it smell really nice, I could actually feel the oil working on my hair. I’d say it almost clung to my ends (where I applied it most) even though I doubted it when I was shampooing?! Mental.

Now I don’t usually blow dry my hair becuase of fear or split ends but I knew that for a good review I literally have to do everything it says. I added a few more ‘drops’ to my hair and blow dried. It smelt amazing. It felt amazing. I was impressed.

The following morning I added another ‘few drops’ onto my hair (mainly the ends) and I honestly wanted to whizz round the house like “smell my hair! Smell my hair” it smelt as good as it looked.

Unfortunately it’s not as ‘extraordinary as it states though, or maybe I just didn’t out enough on? I just didn’t feel that the oil did anything but smell nice? It smoothes everything out for a coupole of hours but the dryness returns fairly quickly and so I guess you’ll have to keep applying for the strength most people went.

I’d rate it a 5/10 taking into consideration the price for a full bottle also ( £7-£9).

Vibe BlackAir Zip In-Ear Headphones.

IMG_9862 IMG_9863 IMG_9871 IMG_9874


I was recently bought some new in-ear headphones (thanks Dad xxx) with reviews of them being comfortable, great for those on the move and with ‘extreme bass’ recommended for hip hop and R’n’B music genres in particular – but an all rounder really.

Now when I first received the box, the first thing that caught my eye was the unusual zip effect and the nice little ‘zipper-bit’ dangling off it. My face lit up as I knew that these must be reasonably new out and that there weren’t going to be that many people around with something like these and it’s too early for any fakes to be made! I’d be the first.

It’s been a few days since I got these so I’ve had plenty of time to try them out (especially since I’m constantly listening to music everywhere I go) and here is what I’ve found…

They are really heavy and so I can’t actually wear them with the zip at the front of me because it literally drags them out. I’ve been forced to drape them round my neck but then the whole coolness of the zip is lost unfortunately. However, with me always on the go and my earphones always in and out of pockets, bags, wrapped round my phone etc. it’s really handy that they don’t tangle. You can literally just whip them out and plug them straight into your ears without having to fiddle about with the massive knot they’ve gotten into for seemingly endless minutes! It instantly brightens your mood a little ;).

Irritatingly, the hype about the bass is just an advertising statement to make you want to buy them.  Apart from the clarity of the voices of the mucisians, the quality of the music is pretty standard.

This is my first time properly reviewing something so please don’t critisise too cruely but constructive criticism would be appreciated!

You can purchase these from John Lewis, House of Fraser, Halfords and other local places including many online stores. Prices range from £10-£45.