Personally, I’m more of a vibrant, statement, matte lipstick kind of girl. Lipgloss has always just gotten in the way for me? The moment the wind blows, any loose strand of hair is almost magnetised straight for your lips and … Continue reading

Summer Sales.

My work unit is centrally based in town. It’s in amongst all the typical high street shops such as Topshop, River Island, Superdrug etc and so when there’s a sale suddenly sprung up; we’re one of the firsts to know. … Continue reading

13th June 2013.

I keep waking up a good half an hour before my alarm, it’s so annoying! Summer is fast approaching and I’m looking forward to a long, well deserved break. However, I’m going to ask my manager today for extra hours … Continue reading

Oh Woe Betide Me.


I’m starting to feel as though I’m at the peak of my teenage years right about now.

Throughout my childhood and early teens, up until now, I’ve always had healthy skin, healthy hair and the odd spot here or there. Now I seem to be sprouting patches of mild acne, my weight is constantly up and down, both my hair and nails seem to be breaking and I’m pretty sure that stressing about it isn’t going to improve my case.

I mean, I’ve always had a problem with my ears…growing up they were like having two extra heads either side of my face. I’ve almost grown into them now but they look stupidly small and they stick out. Full on monkey. I’ve always pinned them back with strands of hair but someone pointed out to me that it probably looks more stupid doing that than leaving them to full on stick out. Don’t quite have the courage to do that though. Still too traumatised from the past…

Lately I also appear to be incapable of applying make up correctly. I have my Dad in one ear and my boyfriend in the other telling me that I look a little odd. My eyebrows don’t seem to be quite right or I’m looking a bit patchy. I’m feeling insecure here guys and so a little part of me wants to slap on the make up, grab the excuse to buy new skin treatments and also some new make up I guess. Is this wrong?


Why do I always seem to be in a constant battle with myself?!


2nd April 2013.

Ahh finally I’m safe, comfortable and fully relaxed.

I’m home.

I arrived back in Battle at 2’o’clock this afternoon and it has been one long and tiresome day. I had a restless night’s sleep and then I woke up to my alarm at 7 and started to get ready for my train. I managed to squeeze everything into my suitcase and get ready in record time and even considering my early awakening, I was feeling pretty darn good for 8 in the morning!

I dragged my suitcase and other bag to the station, collected my tickets, a boarded the train and nervously awaited the ticket person to come and assure me that I was safe to ride the train the St. Pancrass. Okay, I admit it, I bought a child ticket. Don’t think I’ve actually ever bought the right adult one but in my opinion: I’m still a child ^_^. Anyway, hey ho, I got away with it (I sneakily caught a  glimpse of the ticket lady,  as I pretended to be asleep, through my curtain of hair, take a look at my ticket, me and then quickly move on).

The 5 hour train journey was long, exhausting and downright … boring. It was full of delays, four different trains, hunger and took about an hour longer than what it should have. Urgh. The morning feeling of optimism had drizzled out and no drop of enthusiasm remained. The only thing that kept me going were the cute texts from my sisters and my Nan ringing me reassuring me that she was going to be there to pick me up (yay! A car!).

We all stopped off for a coffee and to pick up my Aunt from work and we had a lovely little stroll through the town/village (not quite sure what you’d class Battle, Sussex as). Then we got in, had dinner, and made some chocolate lollies while my Nan and Grandad were at work. Perfect. Apart form the fact they were disgusting.



That Lady.


Just remembered something.

When I was younger and living in Hastings, there was a lady who lived under us (we were in a flat) who was always out going for a walk with her babies but Mum never let me look inside the pushchair. At the time I thought nothing of it and just carried on with whatever it was I was doing.

I few years later I asked Mum about that lady and she told me her story. She lived in a house before she moved to the flats but there was a massive fire that swallowed everything she owned along with her children. She obviously was greatly traumatised by this and ever since, she used to carry on going for walks but with little dolls inside the pushchair.

Made me think, she must have been so traumatised and it affected her so much that she actually believed that these dolls were alive as she honestly did treat them as though they were real. Buying them clothes, changing nappies, singing to them.

Really sad story.

I’m also sat here reminiscing about my yellow slide. Had some really great times on that!


Just Smile. (:

Some people say that you need to look the part in order to play the part and to some extent I agree, however, I feel it’s much much more about how you carry yourself and the confidence you hold from within.

Sometimes you need to just look yourself square on, in front of the mirror and instead of looking at all the things you dislike about yourself, have a look at the things that aren’t so bad. Maybe you’ve got a good figure, face structure, eye colour and if you still feel down? Smile. Think of a good memory, a funny memory, someone you love and just smile. Everything instantly starts to glow, including yourself and you feel good inside out.

This always helps me when I’m having a bad day! Just focus on the good, pop my ear phones in with a bright, upbeat song and there I go! Dancing down the street!

For about a week now, this has been my song:

Youthful, happy and I can’t wait to blast it out when having a picnic in the Summer… bliss 😉



Phenomenal Women: Part Two.

After the jewellery making class came the hair demonstrations for natural hair. This wasn’t really aimed at my hair type but it was interesting none the less. The lady spoke about the dangers of shampoo, different types of hair (to which we all plucked out a strand of hair haha), different styles steering away from the treated hair and we also had a canerow master class! It was really good to know some of the key facts about hair as it’s not often you get people talking to you about staying natural instead of paying a heap of money to completely change your style!

The last event of the evening was live music by Hannah Heartshape and Jude Winwood. Jude was up first and when I first saw the set up of the stage I was just like… what on earth is that. It was interesting to see how Jude performed with the Kora as it is an instrument I’d neither heard of nor seen. She gave us a little background informatiom of this West African instrument which I found out is mainly played by men. Jude is a self taught musician and it has taken her 18 months in order to play this wonderful instrument with a good flow. It was obvious to me, as part of the audience, that she absolutely loved this piece of equipment and she just was so lost within the music she created. It’s almost shaped as a guitar but with about 30 different strings and I’m sure Jude mentioned that it was part of the harp family? It certainly had the same quality as a harp and with the strings lined up away from you (the picture explains it better!).

The Kora was played almost as a lullaby and I could feel myself drifting off, the events of the day had me exhausted!

However, there was one more act to come andwhen she walked on, I had no idea what to expect. Dressed in contracting pastels, mustard tights and a green turban-like headress with strange minimal make up – she definately made an entrance. Hannah Heartshape and her guitarist Lance struck me as an odd two but I didn’t let these judgements cloud my senses. As soon as those strings were plucked and Hannah began to sing, I was hooked. Such a richly emotional voice! Truely beautiful and individualistic. A smile played on my lips as my head began to sway shortly joined by my dancing foot – my body had a mind of it’s own! Her voice reminded me of honey at times; all sticky and thick but with wonderful control and I think the voice with the guitar was a perfect combination. There was no need for anything else. Such natural talent and I amost started to well up! She was brilliant. After a few songs, Hannah began to speak about herself and how she was honored to be invited to such an event and she explained that before she began to write music, she was a poet and how she loved the progression of poems and all the emotions they hold into a much happier song. I agree, it’s a heartwarming moment to tell the truth.

I wanted to add videos to this post but don’t know how? Help anyone ?


Phenomenal Women: Part One.

Throughout yesterday afternoon and evening I attended an event at Nottingham’s Playhouse: Phenomenal Women.

Six of Nottingham’s most inspiring, cultured women came together to provide a crowd of people with empowerment workshops, hair demonstrations, live music and also BeatFeet drumming workshops.

It was presented by Cultural Vibrations (Unity Through Music) and featured promoter and life coach Rastarella, author Caroline Bell-Foster, stylists Shayaa and Royal Natty, with live music from Hannah Heartshape and Jude Winwood on the kora.

I had a really lovely time and the message behind the evening was one driven by a group of powerful women with a goal. I joined the group during the ’empowerment workshop’ but only for a short amount of time and what I heard was the idea of ‘living loud’. Now I might get this wrong, and apologies for anyone involved reading, (feel free to comment and correct!) but to my understanding, it’s about not keeping shy ideas for the future. If you have an idea and you feel it could work, then it’s just about getting involved with the right people who can provide a starting base for you and provide you with connections to the right people and your business or talent would grow from there. In this case, the right people would be Rastarella and Caroline Bell-Foster whom are very lovely, friendly and down to earth people who enjoy helping others out there and have years of experience behind them building up a profile for themselves. There was one woman who has a gorgeous collection of handmade jewellery and she still needs help getting the hang of promoting herself via social media sites. The whole group got involved helping, explaining and it was great to watch someone blossom – without being patronising!

Another aspect of the evening, possibly my favourite, was jewellery making. It was run by a woman called Morag (aplogies if mis-spelt) and she brung in a heap of gorgeously patterned material and a whole selection of beads and tools for jewellery making.

We had a choice of making a ‘story’ of bracelets, a necklace or some earrings. I wear earrings more than any other piece of jewellery and I loved the set she had made beforehand and so my mind was set. All her collections have a vibrant colour scheme to them and some of the patterns reflect quite an African, tribal look. I want to say they have a ‘homemade’ look but that’s just obvious – but jewellery you find in shops that look almost battered  and worn in already? It’s hard to describe! I love her unique products and how she goes about recycling fashion into modern looking jewellery suitable for everyday use and appealing to all generations!

Below are images of the earrings I made. I might write a ‘how to’ on making such earrings in the future, if requested? 😉