Womenkind – A Fourth World?

I had a sneak peak into what my A2 Sociology course consists of this morning and we were talking about the differences in 1st, 2nd and 3rd world countries but then the idea of a 4th world bcame apparent. This … Continue reading

John Howard Griffin.

In sociology we are looking at research methods and how to gain access to closed groups (those who don’t wish to be studied) such as the police, criminal gangs and transnational corporations. We came across a guy names John Howard Griffin … Continue reading

1st April 2013


I’m right in the middle of packing evrything right now. I’m visiting family over the period of a week suring the Easter break and along with my clothes, gifts, essentials and few other things, I find myself packing my DSLR, Sociology and Media notes. Little bit sad right?

Hate how even though they call it a ‘break’ you’re still under the pressure to revise, write essays and you can still feel that exam lurking ever closer.

I strongly dislike the fact that I have to take time away from family so that I can stress myself out and give my fingers blisters. It just all seems so unfair. The worst part is that it will never end. “Oh it’s okay, only a few more years left of studying” – but that’s a lie isn’t it. We’re forever learning new things (not that I mind) and there really isn’t such thing as a ‘break’. There’s always some sort of deadline looming over us or some sort of vital information that could lead to much tragedy if not dealt with straight away. Some people are actually called up and – to an extent – physically pulled away from their personal business.


Life just seems exhaustingly long but then again, time goes scarily fast and it worries me. All these mundane tasks and at the end of the trail, we all just lie in the same earth as everyone else. Of course there’s other ways of disposing bodies but that’s besides the point.

I don’t want to just disappear one day.

I don’t want to worry or stress or deeply contemplate over matters that should be pushed to second best.

Feeling all frustrated now.

Plus I can’t find my damn battery for my camera.




Not so long ago in Sociology, a couple of lads were messing about and they decided to question the tutor about girl’s periods.


Of course she went through the basics but then she went into some detail I’ve not heard about before and it made me question my whole outlook on everything!

So, as you know, on a monthly basis, a girl is supposed to bleed for a few days or a whole week and it should be continuous for.. ever I guess but of course there’s often complications and contraception methods etc etc. Anyway, the week after she has stopped bleeding, she’s supposed to be pretty normal and chilled out, completely themselves. The week following is when they’re most sexually aroused, they be bugging the boyfriends more etc you catch my drift. The final week of the month is the grouchy, annoyed ‘why is the world trying to piss me off so much’ week and then we’re back to the beginning.

Now I realised that this may not apply to everyone but for the majority it is supposed to and this means, for only one week a month, around four months a year, a girl is allowed to be herself. The rest of the year is confusion, pain and a purely hatred attitude. What the hell. This isn’t fair! In addition to this, we’re back to the girls with ‘problems’ and so they’re even more messed up! Also, none of this is including: childbirth, menopause and whatever else struggles we go through in our lifetimes! We have it hard. So hard. And these bodily issues don’t make it any easier!

I got so annoyed hearing this.

And that had nothing to do with my cycle.

…I don’t think.