Oh Woe Betide Me.


I’m starting to feel as though I’m at the peak of my teenage years right about now.

Throughout my childhood and early teens, up until now, I’ve always had healthy skin, healthy hair and the odd spot here or there. Now I seem to be sprouting patches of mild acne, my weight is constantly up and down, both my hair and nails seem to be breaking and I’m pretty sure that stressing about it isn’t going to improve my case.

I mean, I’ve always had a problem with my ears…growing up they were like having two extra heads either side of my face. I’ve almost grown into them now but they look stupidly small and they stick out. Full on monkey. I’ve always pinned them back with strands of hair but someone pointed out to me that it probably looks more stupid doing that than leaving them to full on stick out. Don’t quite have the courage to do that though. Still too traumatised from the past…

Lately I also appear to be incapable of applying make up correctly. I have my Dad in one ear and my boyfriend in the other telling me that I look a little odd. My eyebrows don’t seem to be quite right or I’m looking a bit patchy. I’m feeling insecure here guys and so a little part of me wants to slap on the make up, grab the excuse to buy new skin treatments and also some new make up I guess. Is this wrong?


Why do I always seem to be in a constant battle with myself?!